Comparative Analysis of North and South Bangalore

Bengaluru, over the span of five decades, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a bustling metropolis. Once dominated by Kannadigas and dotted with dosa idli joints and cinemas, the city now embraces a cosmopolitan culture with numerous malls. Today, known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru boasts the highest concentration of software professionals. This evolution has not only reshaped lifestyle preferences but also influenced the criteria for selecting one’s ideal residence.

Comparative Analysis of North and South Bangalore

The Divide of North and South Bangalore

In the ever-evolving landscape of Bangalore’s real estate, North Bangalore has emerged as a vibrant nucleus for high-end residential developments. Primarily centred around areas like Chikkajala, Devanahalli, Hebbal, and Bellary Road, this surge in growth owes much to the presence of the new international airport and ongoing infrastructure projects. However, despite these advancements, North Bangalore remains a work in progress, offering ample potential for investment but also presenting uncertainties inherent to developing regions.

On the other hand, South Bangalore stands as a testament to established infrastructure and accessibility to major employment hubs. Properties in this area have seen steady appreciation, bolstered by its proximity to schools, hospitals, and other essential amenities. Nonetheless, the dichotomy between the burgeoning North and the well-established South can often perplex prospective buyers. Family and friends frequently seek guidance on navigating this decision, torn between the promise of future returns in the North and the comfort of settled communities in the South. To aid in this deliberation process, it’s crucial to consider unbiased factors and figures that align with individual priorities and long-term goals. Whether prioritizing investment potential or the convenience of daily living, understanding these nuances can help in making an informed decision tailored to specific needs.

Real Estate Market Trends: Property Valuations

When it comes to purchasing property, pricing stands as a pivotal determinant. Ultimately, it shapes your buying decision and dictates the location of your investment. This holds particular significance in Bangalore, given the city’s living costs. Presently, market rates in both areas of Bangalore fall within the subsequent range:

In the realm of real estate in Bangalore, various options cater to diverse preferences. North Bangalore offers villas and row houses alongside apartments, with prices ranging from Rs. 9,500 to 19,500 per square foot. Conversely, South Bangalore presents apartments at approximately Rs. 8,500 per square foot, with a broader range of Rs. 6,100 to 9,300 per square foot, providing a spectrum of choices to potential buyers. Whether one seeks luxurious villas or affordable apartments, both regions boast attractive offerings, making Bangalore a vibrant hub for real estate investment.

Exploring Opportunities in Infrastructure and Its Associated Advancements.

If you’re someone who thrives amidst the bustling energy of a vibrant city, South Bangalore beckons. Renowned as the nucleus of Bangalore’s economic prowess, it hosts a plethora of Fortune 500 and multinational corporations. Additionally, the government’s endorsement of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) since 2015 has further fueled its development. These SEZs, encompassing areas like Electronic City, Kengeri, Varthur, Begur, and Whitefield, all nestled in South Bangalore, offer ample opportunities for both work and living.

On the other hand, if you prefer residing in an emerging zone, North Bangalore is the place for you. Despite being on the rise, the presence of the Kempegowda International Airport and the construction of a six-lane expressway have significantly augmented the value of the surrounding land. Consequently, numerous organizations are capitalizing on this growth by establishing their offices in these burgeoning parts of the city.

Vicinity to Workplaces, Medical Centres, Schools, and Retail Centres

If you’re drawn to the allure of tradition and established amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping centres, South Bangalore beckons. This area boasts a solid foundation in development, with longstanding institutions interwoven into its fabric. While the old may occasionally yield to the new, South Bangalore maintains its sturdy infrastructure. On the flip side, North Bangalore presents an exciting landscape of growth. While it may be playing catch-up, ambitious infrastructure projects are already underway, promising a modern skyline. If you seek a locale in the throes of transformation, North Bangalore emerges as a hidden gem, earning its moniker as the “new age Bangalore.”

In conclusion, while South Bangalore offers the charm of the familiar, North Bangalore holds promise for those seeking the excitement of burgeoning development. Each area has its distinct appeal, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles within the dynamic tapestry of Bangalore’s urban landscape.

Observing Trends in Appreciation

Finding the perfect home in the ideal location is a common goal for many of us. However, ensuring it’s a sound investment adds another layer of importance. In such cases, analyzing appreciation trends becomes crucial. North Bangalore, undergoing rapid development, boasts an impressive appreciation rate of 20-30%. Notably, the pre-launch of Purva Aerocity in this area has garnered significant attention. Gated communities and apartments along Bellary Road are particularly sought after. Meanwhile, South Bangalore isn’t far behind, boasting an appreciation rate of approximately 15%. Keeping an eye on these trends can guide investors towards lucrative opportunities in Bangalore’s real estate market.

Purva Aerocity

Purva Aerocity Aerial view amenities view picture

Purva Aerocity, a fresh residential venture by Puravankara Group, situated in Chikkajala, Devanahalli, Bangalore, showcases modern living.

The property stands as a magnificent landmark nestled in the bustling heart of the country’s IT hub, Bangalore. Boasting both luxury and convenience, it offers an unparalleled living experience. Bangalore’s rapid growth magnetizes individuals from diverse corners of India, drawn by the city’s promising prospects. Designed to cater to the varied needs of people nationwide seeking to settle in Bangalore, the structure aligns perfectly with contemporary demands. Its strategic location on Bellary Road, near BIAL, ensures unrivalled accessibility, further enhanced by the reputable developers behind the project. This synergy creates a unique living environment and a promising commercial investment opportunity.

Moreover, the property caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and budgets, providing options for individuals across different economic strata to own their desired piece of real estate. With various sizes and budgets available, it ensures inclusivity and accessibility, making homeownership a reality for diverse groups. Whether for residential bliss or lucrative investment, this property on Bellary Road embodies the epitome of modern living coupled with smart investment potential, cementing its status as a prime choice for discerning individuals and savvy investors alike.


So, North Bangalore stands out as a prime option for investment, especially with its focus on luxury accommodations and potential for faster returns. Amidst Bangalore’s expanding landscape, the dichotomy between North and South Bangalore widens. Notably, North Bangalore’s allure lies in its upscale offerings, exemplified by developments like Purva Aerocity. This locale presents a promising investment opportunity, particularly for those seeking lucrative returns.

In contrast, the real estate landscape in South Bangalore leans towards the mid-segment and affordable housing sectors. To make a well-informed choice between the two regions, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive research and carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each area. Factors like amenities, accessibility, and potential appreciation should be taken into account. By examining these factors closely, investors can reach an impartial decision that aligns with their preferences and goals. Ultimately, the determination of whether North or South Bangalore emerges as the superior investment destination depends on individual priorities and prevailing market conditions.